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    Craft your ceremony in your own personal way

    Fun, laughter, tears, happiness, love, togetherness.

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    Start your marriage with your perfect ceremony

    A ceremony that is of your design, your choosing and that reflects you as a couple and as individuals

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    Make your ceremony a reflection of you

    Your personalities should shine throughout your ceremony, your happiness has no bounds

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    Your ceremony your way, no exceptions!

    Whatever type of ceremony you have, personalisation should be a key element

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    Helping you to create your perfect ceremony

    Ideas, trends, real life stories and tips to help you have your ceremony, your own way.


Victoria and Amit’s number one wedding

Victoria and Amit’s wedding was indeed a number one wedding for many reasons. Yes, it was a superb ‘A’ grade affair (more of that in a mo) but it also was literally their number one wedding, in that wedding number two, their Indian wedding, took place a month later after número uno. I know! The lucky […] Read more…


A stunning outdoor ceremony in the heart of Ireland

It is hard to imagine how the already excitable person that I am can be even more excited, but today I am super ecstatic to showcase another stunning personalised real wedding, this time belonging to the gorgeous Lavina and Andrew, whose amazing wedding took place in the wonderfully, lush Irish countryside (could I possibly squeeze any more adjectives […] Read more…


Amazing love quotes for wedding ceremonies

You’ve got to love a love quote, right? Sometimes words said by someone else sum up every fibre of your being and all the emotions that you have swimming around inside of you. They can inspire you, engage you, animate you and just simply put a smile on your face and squeeze on your heart. Read more…

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