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    Craft your ceremony in your own personal way

    Fun, laughter, tears, happiness, love, togetherness.

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    Start your marriage with your perfect ceremony

    A ceremony that is of your design, your choosing and that reflects you as a couple and as individuals

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    Make your ceremony a reflection of you

    Your personalities should shine throughout your ceremony, your happiness has no bounds

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    Your ceremony your way, no exceptions!

    Whatever type of ceremony you have, personalisation should be a key element

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    Helping you to create your perfect ceremony

    Ideas, trends, real life stories and tips to help you have your ceremony, your own way.


Amazing love quotes for wedding ceremonies

You’ve got to love a love quote, right? Sometimes words said by someone else sum up every fibre of your being and all the emotions that you have swimming around inside of you. They can inspire you, engage you, animate you and just simply put a smile on your face and squeeze on your heart. Read more…

wedding ceremony in Spain

A real example of inspiring personal wedding vows

I am so lucky to be able to be privy to some of the nicest, most heartfelt vows that couples pledge to each other. It is such a joy and something I will always cherish. I am constantly amazed by how couples manage to tap into themselves as individuals and as part of a couple […] Read more…

Wedding in Marbella

A stunning all-white-on-the-night surprise wedding!

You’ve got to love Julio and Maribel. They’ve got an amazing sense of humour and joie de vivre. They planned to give their daughter a wonderful first communion and celebration at their stunning home with their closest family and friends, and they thought, whilst they’ll all be dressed up, why not have a surprise wedding […] Read more…

Vintage Balance Scale

The balancing act

Since the birth of my blog, I do actually feel like I have had another child. Seriously. The amount of nurturing, caring and personal investment that I put into this blog is en par with what I do for my son (well, almost). It’s hard work, gruelling, rewarding and all-consuming, and I absolutely love it […] Read more…


An elegant Russian and Lebanese wedding affair

When I first met Nadia, she made me wish I had spent more time choosing my clothes for that morning and double checking that my hair was properly in place, because it never is. Nadia is just one of those women, that no matter what, exudes oodles and oodles of elegance and class, even when […] Read more…

Sand ceremony on the beach

The top wedding ceremony rituals revealed

I don’t like the words ‘symbolic ritual,’ very much. They sound like they’ve come straight out of the Twilight books. Bit too witchcrafty for my liking and sometimes I worry that it gives couples the wrong impression of what they are. Maybe, its time to think of a new phrase, but until then let me explain […] Read more…

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